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We Are Earth Friendly

we model SUSTAINABILITY thru leadership and innovation

  • reSTART is the first treatment program in the United States to mentor young adults in the sustainable use of digital technology
  • we address technology over-consumption which has a positive environmental impact
  • users are educated on the toxic e-waste associated with electronics

we employ sustainable business practices

  • we love trees and so we chart electronically
  • we limit the number of brochures we print and distribute
  • electronic versions of our program information are provided to clients first

we nurture and care for the environment

  • "Leave No Trace" is taught and modeled on every outing
  • water resources are used conservatively
  • we use second-hand, recycled building materials where feasible in our building projects
  • our center replaces equipment with ENERGY STAR appliances
  • programmable thermostats control heating and cooling systems

waste not want not

  • reduce, reuse, repair, then recycle is our mantra

and when it comes to digital media consumption

  • digital electronics are shared, repaired, delayed and recycled
  • we are guided by the belief that the latest and greatest is not always the smartest choice
  • the use and dispose way of thinking is unsustainable

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reSTART is located in the Pacific Northwest just east of Seattle, Washington | Campuses are located in Redmond, Fall City, and Monroe, WA
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