Julio’s story

I couldnt wait for a particular tv show to be over so I could run upstairs and log in

I knew it was going to be hard… It started with everquest and the insane amount of hours i put into it. Finally I dont know how, but i realized just how bad it was, my partner was always pointing out how I’d rather miss out on my own birthday parties or events just so i could recoup my level or spells lost everytime i died in the game.
I gave that up, but soon my nephew talked about World of Warcraft and all the differences between it.  No more death penalty, no more waiting in line to get critical quests done.
It was so different that I dove in full speed. 
I played Wow for more than 3 years, every time knowing my character was getting better and I was really making progress.  Then it dawned on me on year that after all the hours and hard work I did was nearly nullified with the release of a new expansion.  We were all excited to see the massive upgrades available to us, but again, this required a lot of time on all our parts to do.  Then yes, another expansion, and the same thing.  Finally, I started to play less and less and would be EXTREMLY proud of myself if I didnt play the game for 2 or 3 days in a row.
Fate came in handy these last months, the game was going through some changes and It was offering more chances for casual players to join in and keep up.  During this time, I found myself doing a lot of solo quests, repeating them every day to earn small rewards.  That’s when I heard there was a new expansion pack coming out.  My mind told me that It no longer wanted to do this, I would have to wait over a year for the expansion, but in the meantime put in massive amount of hours for minimal upgrades that soon, as in every expansion, would mean new gear and better upgrades.  

I can’t explain how this game was a part of my life , on a daily basis, for over 3 years.  I kept on saying to myself, slow it down, but at the same time, I was thinking of how much time i invested in it that I couldnt just suddenly stop.


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