The dark cost of the Internet

The dark cost of the Internet

The social and emotional cost of tech  Washington Post Interview | Hayley Tsukayama | May 20, 2016 Hayley Tsukayama explores the toll the Internet is taking on young people in an interview with Dr. Hilarie Cash, Ph.D., co-founder of the reSTART...

reSTART Adolescent Program

Adolescent Program Now Open and Enrolling Located on 32 acres with expansive views of the Cascades, our new facility is designed to restart hope and healing. Inspiring users to develop a sustainable healthy relationship with digital media. Apply now to reserve your...

This is your brain online

By Rob Spiegel


01/12/12 12:53 PM PT

Maybe the Internet won’t exactly fry your brain, but it could change it in other unwelcome ways. A new study found a correlation between Internet addiction and specific brain changes often observed in alcoholics and drug addicts. There was evidence of disruption to the connections in the nerve fibers that connect brain areas involved in emotions, decision making and self-control.

Too many hours of Internet use might actually change your brain. Researchers in China have concluded that those who are addicted to the Internet may experience changes in the brain that are similar to those seen in individuals hooked on drugs or alcohol.