Overhead Beautiful 3Treatment for adolescent depression, anxiety, and screen use offers hope

Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range, reSTART’s 32-acre campus is designed for teens ages 13-18 seeking a healthier relationship with digital media.

It’s easy to see what captivates youth, parents and staff alike when you step foot on the Serenity Mountain campus – it’s breathtaking beauty. Season after season, Serenity Mountain offers a host of new and different learning opportunities. Nine acres of our campus is devoted to conservation efforts, with miles of naturally groomed trails, cascading streams and wildlife galore. Yes, young people share this property with those who call this place home – deer, squirrels, rabbits, koi, and the resident eagles who’ve been nesting atop the evergreen trees for the past several decades. Exploration is an active pastime at Serenity, with engaging experiential activities at every turn. Recreational activities include an indoor lap pool, fitness center, climbing wall and an old fashioned tree swing. We consider the entire campus our outdoor classroom, including the spectacular array of specialty gardens, complete with greenhouse operations for seed-to-table food production. 

Serenity Mountain has two fully staffed residential care homes with 8-beds each at Sky Ridge situated on the bluff, and Wood Creek which overlooks the life-size outdoor chess set, allowing for a total of 16 high-school aged youth grades 9 through 12. What makes Serenity Mountain so unique is it’s community based whole-person approach to care. Our interdisciplinary clinical team is masterful at building connection with young people struggling with distracting problematic digital use issues, and helping families build a comprehensive plan for what matters most – life. 

For more information on Internet Gaming Disorder, or for enrollment opportunities, please call 800.682.6934 today.


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