Seattle ranks among 10 Smartest Cities In North America

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., LEED AP, a climate strategist helping to lead communities, cities and companies on the journey towards the low carbon economy investigated which cities are doing the most to become sustainable, connected, and innovative cities of the future. Seattle ranked first in 2013, edging upwards in smart government and economy ratings, while ranking second in the Smart People category. Rankings reflect Seattle's innovative sustainability practices, and progressive projects such as the Happiness Initiative which examines local community happiness, entrepreneurial talent, its startups, and open data sets working toward lifestyle sustainability.

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Over 50% of Seattle's adults hold bachelor's degree

In a Seattle Times article, Eric Pryne shares the following statistics, "College graduates are flocking to Seattle, lured by a captivating combination of work and what's available after work. It's the best-educated big city in America, according to Census Bureau estimates: 51.3 percent of all Seattle adults 25 and older hold bachelor's degrees or better. Between 2000 and 2004, according to the bureau, the number of Seattle residents with college degrees increased by 11 percent — three times the rate of the city's overall population growth."

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CNN Money ranks Redmond, WA top 5 places to live

In the midst of Microsoft country, Redmond, Washington has been ranked number 5 in a 2012 review of the best small places to live in the US according to CNN Money. With Seattle just 15 miles to the west, the Cascade Mountains a short drive to the east, Microsoft's hometown is an ideal base camp for exploring the Northwest.

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