Internet gaming addiction treatment, video game addiction treatment, screen-time use and support for

co-occurring conditions

Counseling, life coaching, naturopathic psychiatry and residential care for co-occurring mental health conditions, depression and anxiety

Discover Balance

and get your life back on track

Really, we can help.

We were the first program to treat tech addiction in the nation. We get it.

Individuals and families are in crisis. We know, because we’ve received thousands of calls from people seeking video game addiction help, countless calls from parents wondering whether their son or daughter has an Internet gaming disorder, screen-time addiction, smartphone obsession and everything in-between.

Look, here’s what we know. Over time, people who use tech, social media, or play video games excessivly may experience a deepening of depressive symptoms, anxiety may worsen, and family conflict over screen-use becomes the norm. People aren’t sure what to do, or how to get their lives back on track.

That’s where we come in. We offer nationwide individual and parent coaching, local outpatient counseling, and residential care for people aroound the world.

With a decade of experience, our programs are known for creating lasting sustainable change.


Reset and free yourself from your device

Our intensive retreat center and residential care program offers troubled teens and emerging adults a safe, inspiring place to join like-minded people seeking a healthier, happier, balanced digital lifestyle.

Change your use. Change your life.

Tech is designed to grab a person’s attention in a big way. Whether it’s video gaming, streaming, app use, binge viewing, or Internet surfing; screen-time is designed to captivate and distract you from what’s right in front of you — life. Together we help you reconnect with what matters most.

You do you.

Rise to your full potential while developing a well-rounded lifestyle as you balance your tech use, screen time, and video game play. Use less, live more.

Heal relationships

Whether you stream, like, game, post, play, or lurk, the friends you have online matter. While you might meet up, role-play, binge or snap together, there’s something special about face-to-face connection. As you share, explore and resolve the issues holding you back, you’ll experence the type of relationship change that lasts.

Program for Adults

Intensive residential care located in the Pacific Northwest.

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Coaching and Outpatient Counseling

We offer nationwide coaching by phone, and in-person counseling

Program for Teens

Residential care and therapeautic boarding school for youth 13-18

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Change begins with an intensive stay.

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