ReSTART delivers more for your money

I’ve had to research both drug addiction and eating disorder treatment centers around the country to help two of my kids at different points. Never have I seen such a unique, extensive, personal program for any rehab center as reStart! We paid $40,000 for our daughter for a one month stay which only provided maybe two one-on-one therapy sessions per week and several group sessions per day. She was one of forty patients. We paid $10,000 for our son for a one month treatment facility where he had one individual therapy session per week and daily groups. He was one of forty patients as well.

I only wish reSTART was available for my kids. It far exceeds ANY residential program in what it offers to individual clients and while the cost is high for all centers, restart delivers more for your money. 

–Parent Testimonial (Name withheld to protect child in recovery)

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