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Press Release: Outpatient treatment for Video Gaming, Social Media, and Screen use now available in Bellevue, WA

Bellevue, WA. March 8, 2019 – Embodying the idea that connection is the key to change, the treatment for Internet and Gaming Disorder (IGD) is now underway, bringing community and a sense of child-like wonder with it.

The outpatient treatment center is located on 46 park-like acres in Bellevue and has a full compliment of 14 themed treatment rooms in addition to its three communal areas and additional staff offices.

“Mental health is often neglected in healthcare with environments that can work against the therapeutic process” said Cosette Rae, CEO of reSTART, “Over the past 10 years, we’ve learned that deep and lasting change happens through environment, movement, and connection”.  To that end, reSTART’s newest facility houses themed rooms designed to meet a wide range of therapeutic needs and evoke a sense of joy and wonder from the participants. The model combines long-standing therapeutic approaches with the latest research. “We have tactile, sensory, and traditional therapy rooms, all of which have a solid research base. The themes range from outdoors garden and beach scenes, to art, music, meditation, and games like ping-pong or scrabble”.

 Designed through an exercise in shared decision-making with the wider reSTART community, the new center fully embraces the need for a new model in mental health and a truly team-based approach. Clients have access to the communal rooms and the treatment room areas of the facility whenever it is open without needing to have a specific appointment. They also have free choice over which room their therapy will be conducted in so that the theme best matches the patient on that day. The center blends staff and clients into a functional unit, recognizing that healthy and balanced counselors are better equipped to help their clients.

The WHO recognized Gaming Disorder earlier this year, and its inclusion in ICD-11 was announced. Having led the charge on gaming treatment with its first residential care center in 2009, reSTART continues to be at the forefront of treatment for internet and gaming disorders. The outpatient model at the new center draws from the past 10 years of reSTART’s in-patient experience, knowledge, and observation and hones it into practical outpatient use.

“When you walk in, it just feels different. The therapeutic space should be welcoming and comfortable if we really want to establish connection with clients. It needs to be if we’re going to expect them to talk about difficult things with us, but it should also be playful. We want to invite our clients back into a sense of wonder and play” said Cosette Rae, CEO.

About reSTART

reSTART is the nation’s first program specializing in problematic internet, video game and technology use. The organization works with individuals, couples and families to promote a better understanding of problematic technology use, understand and address addiction, and create an individualized plan to promote a healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle. For more information, visit or email

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