reSTART Parent Summit

Intensive Hope for Families Struggling with Problematic Tech Use Issues

Attend a reSTART parent summit intensiveFamilies are struggling with managing digital media use of all types (e.g., Internet, video games, VR, smartphone/tablet use, social media) in their households like never before. With the addition of immersive technologies, the distance between parents and their children is widening. Our Parent Summit Intensivetm offers parents to develop a plan for managing digital distractions and combating videogame addiction.

How will attending a Parent Summit Intensive help me?

Family members will learn more about the intricate nature of problematic video game, Internet, VR and device overuse, and how to restore family connection. The goal of each parent intensive summit is to identify, strategize, and implement skills to prevent or break the cycle of dependence and find sustainable use solutions. Each intensive combines psychoeducation and experiential activities to equip parents with tools and strategies to develop family balance in the digital age. Individual family members design their own plans for greater family connection. 

What are the benefits of attending a Parent Summit?

  • Connect with leading professionals in the field of Internet Gaming issues
  • Better understanding of the intricate nature of Internet, videogame, smartphone, VR misuse and addiction
  • Development of a Family Life Balance Plantm for the whole family
  • Learn how to get the whole-family involved in managing tech use in the home
  • Discover the underlying issues which may be contributing to problematic use
  • Connect with others struggling with similar issues in their families
  • Uncover how shame and guilt leads to inaction in setting healthy limits
  • Build a contingency plan in case things go sideways even with careful planning
  • Creation of healthy family boundaries
  • Deeper connection to each other and your children
  • Implement strategies to ensure everyone's voice is heard
  • Healthier family relationships
  • Greater courage to focus on what matters most - life

What can you tell me about the Parent Summit process?

  • Each parent summit intensive examines what's happening with you and your family personally - it is not simply a workshop
  • There is a minimum of two families and a maximum of 5 families participating together
  • We gather together from 8:30-4:30 PST for four days in a row
  • Parent Summit Intensives are led by licensed practitioners with specialized training in problematic digital media use
  • Family members do not need to have a son or daughter in a reSTART program to participate
  • Family members with a son or daughter in a program elsewhere in the United States are welcome to participate

Where are parent summits held?

  • Parent intensives are held at Celestine Lodge, a private home in Fall City, Washington

Is there a wait list? How do I sign up?

  • Generally yes, we maintain a wait list. This allows us to match families seeking intensive services together
  • To place yourself on the list, please complete an online parent summit application
  • A member of our admissions team will reach out and coordinate the best possible times for you to attend a parent summit intensive

Interested in learning more or signing up? Reach out to a member of our admissions team at 800.682.6934

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