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Posted Aug 25, 2009 11:48 am PT

Let’s put this in perspective. Gaming addiction is real.

If you don’t think it is, then no matter what anyone says here you won’t believe them and you need to ask yourself a few questions: Would you rather spend time with a friend or mate, or play a game? Have you ever stayed home form work or school to play a game? Do you prefer your online friends to your family and loved ones? Think about it and answer honestly. An honest person recognizes faults within themselves – an addict answers honestly, but justifies the answers.

Answering yes to any one of these questions should raise a concern – I know it did for me. Answering yes to all of them should set alarm bells ringing. The article deals with the opening of a clinic, and recognition of the fact that their is such a thing as an addiction to gaming. Regardless of the fact that no-one can reasonable afford the fees to attend the clinic other than the extremely wealthy, we all need to talk to each other in an open, honest forum and not deny what the real cost is in human loss. Families are breaking up becasue of this – the same as any other addiction, so stop making light of this, and start taking action.

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