Kindness-Pass it on

Let’s teach our children how to be kind

Children are connected. They are connected to their phones, their computers, and countless other screens but the question parents need to be asking is, “Are they connecting with each other?” reSTART wants parents to understand that a child’s development of their social skill and ability to be compassionate toward others can be hindered by spending too much time with media.

There has been a 40% decrease in empathy among college students since 2000. Researchers believe one contributing factor is that youth are spending less time having face-to-face conversations and more time connecting trough a screen.

You have a choice with how we move forward. Now is the time for families to think about what matters most. If you want your children to be kind toward others, then you have to set an example for your children by:

  • Putting your phone away during family meals inside and outside your home
  • Model respectful posting on social media platforms (others are learning from you)
  • Give your children 100% device free attention when they are talking to you 


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