2002 Building at Bellevue Tech Center

reSTART sets itself in the middle of Bellevue’s Tech Center


reSTART is placing itself on the motherboard of silicon valley north in the Bellevue Technology Center just blocks from Microsoft’s headquarters come fall 2018. “We’ve wanted to expand our service offering for quite some time, and sought to grow in the Redmond, WA area. Unfortunately, we were displaced by Facebook who recently leased well over 700,000 square feet of space in the surrounding area. As lovers of irony, we saw this as a sign that our services will continue to be in demand in the years ahead,” says Rae, reSTART’s CEO.

In searching for a place to call home, Bellevue Technology Center stood out as the natural leader. “Our values of offering a lifestyle experience aligned with the KBS’s philosophy of offering higher purpose buildings. Together we believe in offering a place where people come together in a place of gathering, not just a place to work,” according to Rae. Positioned on 46-park like acres in the middle of the city, “the new campus aligns with our corporate beliefs and values of community, connection, and nature. Of course, being surrounded by leaders in the tech industry will increase conversational opportunities about healthy sustainable digital use. We hope to partner with tech companies to come up with innovative ways to meet the needs of those we mutually serve.”

The new campus will is designed with emerging adults in mind. Inspired by playfulness, reSTART hopes to revolutionize care by offering a space which fosters community connection, not just sessions. “We invited our clients to join us in planning the look and feel of the new space.” As you can imagine, think google versus counseling office space. The new center will feature a rec room with shuffleboard, ping pong, life size scrabble, and foosball. Counseling and coaching rooms are uniquely themed to inspire people to invite the outside inside metaphorically, and to ponder life’s endless possibilities. Using the hot seating concept, therapists and clients alike will have a choice of where they’d like to meet. Options include a music and drama room, a hammock room, library, and even a nope room. Because some days, it’s just “nope.”

“We are excited to offer a space uniquely designed for people seeking a healthier relationship with digital technology. Swimming against the flow of digital advancement can be difficult. However, free-range digital use isn’t always the best choice for a healthy lifestyle.” Our new space hopes to bridge the gap in services for those seeking what matters most – life.”

reSTART is known for its pioneering residential care for problematic Internet, virtual reality, social media use, gambling and video game addiction treatment


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