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Cosette Rae, CEO, Chief Excitement Officer



Brave. Visionary. Pioneering.

Co-founded first treatment program of its kind in the United States to treat Internet gaming disorders and co-occurring conditions.

Living on Purpose

Her life’s mission is to assist others in living authentically with love, connection and belonging.


How do we strengthen each other?

Technology is reshaping our daily lives. How do we strengthen each other to withstand the advancements headed our way?

What do we learn from failure?

As a teen, Cosette worked on a fishing boat that nearly capsized in Alaska’s Bering Sea. She is focused on how to help people turn adversity into strength.

Hilarie Cash, PhD, Chief Clinical Director



Strong. Progressive.

Co-founded first treatment program of its kind in the United States to treat Internet gaming disorder and co-occurring conditions.

Ability to Connect Authentically

Hilarie’s authenticity fosters genuine connection with others. She is known for her intelligence, honesty and ability to engage in difficult conversations.


How do we help parents of young children?

Together we can help families before they need treatment with preventative measures for balancing screen-time.

How do we benefit from challenges?

Unsatisfying work led to the meaningful work that she does to this day. Those failures and dead ends taught her what her own needs and values were, allowing her to lead an authentic and satisfying life. 

Our People Professionals

As a values based organization, we attract talented and highly skilled people with a strong desire for relational connection and a belief in the importance of sustainable screen use. 

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