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Volunteers are the Heart and SOUL of the  reSTART Program

Each year countless volunteers assist our clients in connecting with "Real Life." Restart House is a social purpose corporation whose primary mission is to support young emerging adults as they seek to connect with life.  From life skills training, to job shadowing, resume building, center renovation, and attending recreational outings, there are many ways to get involved with our program. Whether you'd like to volunteer once a week, or once a year, reSTART has a place for you.

Mindfulness: Practicing mindfulness assists clients in coping with the stress and anxiety of changing problematic technology use habits. If you have some experience with mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and other forms of mindfulness based practice, opportunities for sharing your skills at reSTART are plentiful.

Maintenance Support/Building/Yard projects/Renovations: Assist in fixing equipment, repairing damaged furniture, renovating kitchens, woodworking, lawn maintenance, planting and raking, window washing, painting, cleaning carpets, repairing clothing, doing alterations, etc. Projects can range from planting flowers to building decks.

Cooking, Arts and Crafts, and Life Skill Learning Activities: Conduct a cooking class, share your knowledge on an issue, or bring a project to our center. Use your people skills and talents to encourage individuals to get involved in a fun, creative project.

Game night, Campfire gathering, Picnics, Barbecues & Group activities: Lead a social or recreational game activity, play a game of ultimate frisbee, speedmitton, soccer, etc. or maybe you are interested in hosting a picnic, telling stories around a campfire, barbecue or party. We love to gather with groups and spend time together.

Administration Services: Use your writing skills to help us stay in touch with our alumni and increase awareness of problematic technology use issues in the community at large by contributing to our newsletter, or providing information for inclusion on our website, or social media outlets. Work with team members to put together packets of information, organize materials for conferences, input research data, or type up handouts.

Create your own: reSTART desires to form relationships with people in the community. You know yourself or your group best. Tell us what you are interested in doing so that we can all benefit from this relationship.

Internship Opportunities: We offer internship opportunities for individuals pursuing academic degrees in the field of psychology, social work, neuroscience, addiction recovery, recreational therapy, physical fitness, administration, research, grant writing and marketing. Since reSTART aims to connect users to real life activities, there countless opportunities in fields not listed above such as information technology, game development, social media marketing, etc. If you are interested in being a part of growing organization focused on helping clients reconnect with life, in a balanced, mindful and meaningful way, then reSTART may be for you. 

Lead a 12-step discussion group: Clients at reSTART are in a wide variety of therapeutic programs and also attend 12-step meetings as part of their recovery journey. Volunteers play an integral role in this process by sharing their personal stories of strength, hope and recovery and how they live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Daytime and evening volunteer opportunities available.

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