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Dear Prospective reSTART Families,

We were desperately in need of help for our son. He was living a life that we were very unfamiliar with, built upon lies and secrets, due to his gaming addiction.  His desire to game drove him to a sad secluded life.  He became very misunderstood when others made attempts to help him.  Psychologists and hospital staffs only filled prescriptions to band-aid our son's addiction problem.  Counselors addressed it to the best of their ability but group therapy with heroin and substance abusers simply diminished the intensity of his addiction.  Our son became more and more depressed and then suicidal.  We had only one place to turn to reSTART his life.

reSTART was the answer to give our son the tools to recover from his gaming addiction.  He was treated with respect and dignity as he was broken to the core to know himself and set new goals and interests. He gained self worth and understanding of how his gaming affected his entire life and those significant to him.  Our son was given the opportunity to flourish in a program set by reSTART.  He learned new skills and past-time activities to replace gaming.  He developed new abilities to initiate activities and learned to self motivate.

The beautiful part of reSTART is that we got our son back - the son we knew before his gaming started five years prior.  We are truly thankful to the staff at reSTART for their professional care for our son in all matters.  The communication via Family Bridge with session reports, photos of outings, notes, and phone calls helped our family throughout the recovery process.  We were never worried about him, but actually daily reassured of his significant progress.  We were given an abundance of information and reading material to understand the steps of his recovery.  The staff helped us with all of our concerns and asked for our input as it was needed throughout his recovery.  We felt a part of the "team" to help with his recovery. We were prepared for his arrival home. We were amazed with the care given specifically to our son and the time spent getting to know him and his personal needs.  Our son has a network of support to continue his recovery plan.  We are proud of him and the progress he made while at reSTART.  He put in a lot of effort and in return, gained a reSTART with his life.


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