Father loses it after rebellious post

Albemarle, NC —  of an Albemarle man shooting his daughter’s laptop is getting big views.

The 8-minute video shows a man, who identifies himself as Tommy Jordan, reading a letter from his daughter’s “rebellious post” about her parents. After ranting for several minutes, Jordan showed the girl’s laptop on the ground and shot it until his gun ran out of ammo.

“For all you parents out there who think your kids don’t post bad things on Facebook, well, I wanna read you one I took off my daughter’s Facebook wall,” said Jordan. “She thought she was being smart, by blocking her parents from being able to see it.”

Dad and daughter made up after both social media outrage and support of Mr. Jordan’s actions was highly publicized.

If you or someone you love are in conflict over digital media use, please reach out before taking action you both might regret in the future.


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