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Connecting People with Life for More Than a Decade

There is no question that digital media use is impacting our lives. We see it in our own screen use, and in the tech use of people close to us. Individuals, youth and families are curious and in many cases concerned with the long-term impact of screentime.

Concerned with disturbing tech trends, our founders sought to fill an unmet need by opening the Nation’s first treatment center wholly dedicated to people experiencing problematic Internet use and cooccurring mental health concerns in 2009.

Together with some of the most progressive, skilled and innovative people, reSTART has built a program which is recognized around the world.

Our mission – sustainable tech use for people and the planet – attracts people seeking engagement in a world where people matter. Where face-to-face, engaging, and meaningful relationships are the norm, not the exception. Where mindful and sustainable tech use is valued.

If you are interested in working with a team of people who feel that . . .

  • love, connection and belonging invites lasting change
  • healthy off-screen life is important to overall health and wellness
  • excessive screen use is unsustainable for people and the planet
  • work should be about purpose and meaning

We invite you to join us in our common mission.


Visit the reSTART ZOHO recruiting website to view the most updated list of open positions within our organization.

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Sustainable communities thrive when connection, innovation, and curiousity meet.

Make a positive impact on the world

Change isn’t easy. It takes like-minded people coming together to achieve a common mission, willing to face unexpected challenges, and support each other in reaching a unified vision. It’s a process filled with hope and heartache, difficult days and unbelieveable triumphs.

Yes, you might say we are digital disrupters, or perhaps mindful visionaries. And we are always seeking others who are passionate about life.

“What an amazing company! I’ve had the pleasure of working for reSTART since November 2018 and it is, by far, the best job I’ve ever had. From their beautifu campuses, to their selfless staff, to their awesome clients, reSTART has it all. Come check us out!”
Katie Wilson

HR Director, reSTART

“reSTART has such a powerful and needed mission – we are living at a time when problemtic technology use is increasing at a rapid pace, and there are so few programs available for treatment. I have had the honor of facilitiating a weekly group since 2016, and it has been really powerful to see the substantial growth that occurs in the participants over the course of the programs. There is a deep dedication in the staff, and they provide strong and caring support for the participants. The new Bellevue location provides beautiful and highly interactive spaces in which the participants can work therapeutically with the staff, gain important life skills, and re-learn how to play and create, free from digital technology. I am grateful that we have such an organization available in the Pacific Northwest.”
Jessica Bean

ND, CDWF, reSTART Consultant

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