My depression cleared and anxiety became more manageable

Video transcript of a client sharing their personal story of addiction to video games

Hi. When I first arrived at reSTART, I was overwhelmed. Then I was exhausted, then irritable. My first hurdle was learning not to monitor others and let their problems be their own. Throughout my early days, I found my depression clearing up, and my anxiety became more manageable. When the major hurdle of my withdrawal had dissipated, If found it much easier to strive healthily in my everyday responsibilities. I found major benefit from groups such as Daring Way and mindfulness, and the house’s daily chores helped me regain a sense of daily and weekly responsibilities. I have found a peace with the chaotic nature of the world that I never could have attained without reSTART’s help. I hope that moving forward I continue to grow and strive to be a better person and a stable addict.

Note: To protect our client’s identity in the age of the Internet, this client’s actual words have been presented by an actress.