The positive impact of ReStart cannot justifiably be put into words, but I hope to share a little of how coming to ReStart was the best choice I’ve made so far in my life. ReStart not only helped me overcome my addiction for gaming, but it improved me in many other ways that I was not expecting to improve when I first arrived at the program.

My improvements while in the program include being in the best aerobic shape of my life.  As a former athlete in a division 1 college sport, I was surprised at how effective working out each day is at improving and maintaining fitness. Part of my improved fitness includes my dietary health, and that went from junk food and fast meals to organic, nutritious meals with a more mindful effort on what goes into my body, and what I get in return.

In addition to my improved fitness, I rediscovered my love for music, specifically playing the piano.  I realized that music is much more rewarding and a much harder challenge than any video game.

Most importantly,  I discovered a part of myself that shows unwavering compassion and loves others for who they are.  I was able to achieve this state of unconditional love through the unconditional love of people here at ReStart.  Not only is the entire staff friendly, but even the other students at the program are positive and encouraging.

The best of ReStart for me was experiencing the abundance of positive energy, and being able to channel it to others, who in turn returned that energy to myself.  This made even seemingly mundane tasks enjoyable.

Life skills I have learned at ReStart range from the superficial to the deeply emotional.  Every day I was learning something new; whether it was how to properly camp, or how to eat healthier, or learning how to counter certain shenanigans, I was learning specific skills to help me in the future.

I also learned about important life concepts such as mindfulness, honesty, adaptation, and sharing positive energy to those I love.  I could write whole essays behind each life concept, but I think it would be more impactful for those who do not understand what I am talking about to find out through personal experience.

All in all, I’m the happiest I’ve been since I was a boy, and I can’t thank ReStart enough for helping me achieve all that I have.

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