reSTART Internet Addiction Recovery Program

The reSTART program was established in 2009 in an effort to: assist individuals, youth and families balance their technology use and reconnect with real life; increase awareness and understanding of technology based process addictions; develop programs to increase awareness of the status, problems, and needs of individuals afflicted by problematic technology use; provide services to address the needs and concerns of users; provide informational and educational resources on process addictions; and serve as an advocate for prevention and research on this emerging social problem.

Required Training/Retreat: one full (paid) Saturday at the beginning of each semester
Work Hours: 10 hours/week, based on student’s schedule
Compensation: Federal work-study award
Position reports to: Clinical Director

Specific Responsibilities: Assist reSTART Center staff in seeking potential funding opportunities through writing and applying for various grants and other institutional support to further research efforts, and acquire resources for families in need. In this internship, you will investigate web resources to locate and identify grant opportunities that would help the reSTART Center offer additional programs or provide scholarships. You will brainstorm with the permanent staff in the reSTART program, potential needs, and then look for opportunities to obtain funding. You will look for opportunities to raise funds, and assist in the implementation of the “Friends of reSTART” gift account program. Assist the director and other permanent staff in writing press releases and alerting the media about events and services provided at the reSTART Center. Staff reSTART Center informational tables at conferences and orientation fairs. Attend reSTART events and assist with logistics. Other duties as assigned.

All applicants must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • be eligible for Federal Work Study through Financial Aid with a 2.75 GPA
  • have strong writing skills
  • be a self-starter
  • possess the ability to multi-task
  • work reliably and independently with minimal supervision
  • have strong interpersonal communication skills
  • be a committed team player
  • possess strong planning and organizational skills

Application Materials:
A letter of interest (a cover letter)
Two individuals (including a faculty person) must complete a reference form.


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