Billing Portal Access

As a courtesy to our clients, the following secure access portals are available for your financial accounting. In each portal, you can access current and past transactions for each line of service. Once enrolled, you will receive an email invite from each of the three organizations listed below depending on the services you’ve selected.

Intensive Adult and Adolescent Program

Invoice information for those attending a reSTART intensive.

Payment is due on or before anticipated start date.

NOTE: Enrolled adults will receive a separate invoice for weekly counseling services through reSTART Professional Group, PLLC.


Counseling, Coaching, Natuorpathic Psychiatry

Invoice and payment information for client counseling and naturopathic psychiatry visits. Payment is due at time of service. Courtesy invoices are provided on a monthly basis.

Leased Apartments and Charter Fees

Invoice and payment information for those renting an apartment at reSTART House.

Note: Rent and charter fees are due on the 1st of each month. 

Financial Terms

We kindly request:

  • Payment promptly at time of service.
  • Each invoice to be paid separately.

INTENSIVE PRIMARY PROGRAM (Adolescent and Adults): We kindly request payment via wire transfer or cashier’s check for our services in the adult intensive program, and in all phases of the adolescent program.

OPEN WORLD and SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS (Adults): We accept payment via money order, bill pay, or check. In addition, please note invoices for counseling services will be invoiced separately through reSTART Professional Group, PLLC.

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