Mental Health and Behavioral Addiction Support

Frequently Asked Questions for Adults

Is reSTART anti-technology?

Of course not! Technology is part of our everyday lives. However, for some individuals, digital technology has come to take over every aspect of their life. The reSTART Intensive program is designed to help people disconnect from digital distractions, and reconnect with what matters most in their own personal lives. During a stay at reSTART, you will be unplugged and tech limited which enables you to focus on building a life sustaining plan for your future.

Will I have access to a computer, phone, TV or video games?

Our life-sharing retreat experience is designed to be tech limited and cell phone free. Although there is a television for occasional viewing, it is typically kept off except during special events (e.g., the super bowl, political or news events, etc.). There is a public phone available at the center. Although its free to use for local/us calls, we ask that you limit the time spent on the phone out of respect for others, and for your own experiential process. And no, there is no computer or video gaming allowed at the center.

Where will I stay during treatment?

Adults seeking to change their digital use patterns come together in a life-sharing community retreat designed to feel like home. It is not a “rehab,” or a “mental health facility,” or a “residential treatment center.” After all, you’re not broken. You are not considered an “inpatient” participant. You are simply a person distracted with digital media. For some, use may rise to the level of addiction. For others, use patterns interfere with day-to-day living. Regardless of your level of technology use reSTART believes that connection with others, along with digital abstinence in a safe, structured and healthy environment fosters physical and emotional health and healing.

What type of tech problems do you treat?

People experience a variety of problems with all types of screen use. We work with individuals seeking video game addiction treatment, excessive smartphone use, in-game gambling, Internet addiction, binge viewing, chronic surfing, posting, and social media influencing. Basically, anything you do online that you begin to use compulsively, excessively or problematically, is addressed during each reSTART experience. 

Who does the cooking, cleaning and laundry?

Individuals cook, clean and prepare meals together, do their own laundry, care for the animals and live together as a single housekeeping unit. A support coach is available to assist with any life skills mentoring and instruction that may be necessary.


What can I expect once I arrive?

You can expect to be greeted by warm and caring staff that understands problematic technology use, and ways to treat it. You will likely share a room with a fellow participant who, like yourself, engages in some form of excessive technology use. Likewise, the retreat itself is designed to offer a safe and healthy place for you to process and work through the varying thoughts and emotions you are likely to feel when you detach from technology and examine the underlying reasons for your problematic use. Rather than operating on a punitive system of countless rules and regulations, the staff at restart operate from the philosophy that you are a capable, contributing adult, deserving of dignity and respect from the moment you arrive. At the same time, the staff and your fellow participants expect that you will treat them with the same dignity and respect you’ve come to expect. Natural consequences are the preferred method for dealing with difficulties as they arise.

Will I be able to choose my own room?

Our staff do their best to honor such requests. However, there is no guarantee that the client’s request will be fulfilled.

What if I have special dietary needs?

Please advise a staff member of your special dietary needs so they may be accommodated during your stay.


Am I able to leave the center on my own?


Of course, as a consenting adult, you are free to leave at any time. However, in order to maintain an environment of technology abstinence, we ask that you not leave the program with anyone other than family members, staff and sponsors during your intensive stay with reSTART.

Are family and friends allowed to visit?

Out of respect for all individuals in the program, we ask that you plan visits during times which will not interfere with the experience of others. Sunday has been set aside as a day for visits from family or friends.

What type of behavior is prohibited at the center?


reSTART has a zero tolerance policy for interpersonal violence, sexual harassment or predatory behavior, substance use and abuse, theft and stealing. If you arrive at the program and you are unable to control your behavior and you become a threat to fellow participants, or staff members, or steal from fellow participants, staff or the facility, or choose not to adhere to our anti-sexual harassment policies, you will be discharged from the program without a refund.