Center Opens to Treat “Internet Addiction”

Virtual World News | August 20, 2009

An internet addition treatment center has opened outside of Seattle and is getting a slew of press concerning its in-patient recovery program. The reSTART Program is run by Cosette Rae, MSW, and Hilarie Cash, PhD. The two opened the six-bed facility and offer a program which works with tech-addicted people, helping them reintegrate into the real world minus the job, school, and family-related stress which the two founders attribute to internet addition. “Both China and South Korea have designated Internet Addiction as their #1 public health danger and have responded by developing multiple treatment programs,” say Rae and Cash. “The United States, by contrast, has been slower to recognize and respond to the problem but now is beginning to take some active steps…This program is part of that process.”

{Previously posted on Virtual World News}

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