We Founded the First Internet Gaming Addiction Treatment center in the nation

Our story began with a desire to help people struggling with a problem people didn't understand

Founded and trusted since 2009





A Decade of Trust

Discover what matters most

Twenty-thousand calls and counting, we clearly understand the problem individuals, families, and communities, are facing when it comes to smartphone addiction, Internet video game addiciton, and other screen distractions. 

In fact, we are the original leaders and founders of Internet and Videogame addiction treatment in the United States.

Our pionering work has paved the way for people world-wide to find resources and support when it matters most.

“Sustainable digital media use for people and the planet”

It’s that simple.

We believe that people thrive when given opportunities to explore life in healthy sustainable ways. Our innovative and progressive treatment assists the digitally distracted discover their passion and purpose in life using the most innovative care possible.

We understand what’s needed

At reSTART, we’ve always understood that problematic Internet and gaming use co-occurs with other mental health conditions, and we’ve been fine tuning our services for over a decade to help users connect with change that lasts.

You in?

Manage your device, or it may soon manage you.

Our clients know this. We know this. We successfully treat for this.


We foster lasting relationships

Humans are wired for relationship

Hence we use our devices to post on social media, reach out on steam, and join gaming guilds. We share on Snapchat, and post pics on Instagram, and escape into video games; a lot of video games. Although the Internet has allowed us to find each other, it doesn’t always foster or genuinely support the need for deep meaningful connection.

Real connection requires vulnerability. As Brene Brown’s research shows, vulnerability requires risk, uncertainty and emotional exposure.

reSTART is built on the core belief that love, connection and belonging matters, and these principles provide the foundation for our innovative program.

Together we identify strengths and strategies which help individual and family relalationships flourish and thrive.


Screen and tech free moments reclaimed each session

Spend 9 weeks Internet, video game, social media free

And see change in action

We understand tech distractions

And seek solutions together

While we may be considered the leading experts in mental health and problematic tech use, the real expert is you. Intuitively, you know what you need to do, and where you want to go. Together we find the path to get there.

For more than a decade we’ve treated hundreds of clients and heard thousands of stories . . .


I couldn't quit on my own

I tried to quit Dota 2 repeatedly and failed. I would spend hours playing this game to the detriment of school, social life, and personal health. 

I had no life

I had no money and no life outside of video games.

Procrastinating with Technology

From 11-15 y/o I played Runescape, gameboy and DS, playstation and Wii. From 16-17 y/o I played Call of Duty on Xbox, Facebook, and Internet surfing. From 17-19 y/o I played Hearthstone, Twitch and watched Steam, and then it was on to Dota 2.  I was struggling in school as a result.

I withdrew from school

I withdrew from the University because my grades were so bad that I was on track to fail.

I had problems in every area

It was problematic in all areas of my life. I was non-functional in every area. Accomplishing nothing and doing nothing.

And we’ve seen change that lasts



I rediscovered the joy of laughing and the comfort of tears

reSTART has helped put me out of my comfort zone and eased my fiears towards change and social interaction. I have restructured who I am and who I want to be. I learned of my ignorance, my stuborness, and came to the realization that taking a break is ok as long as ou keep moving forward. I have felt the effects of working out and seen the benefit it has upon my health. Redisovered the joy of laughing and the comfort of tears. reSTART has been a joruney and for all I am I hope, pray and work towards keeping what I’ve learned here a part of my life.

reSTART Alumni, 20

I am incredibly grateful for the experience

“Technology has stopped me from doing what I want to do with my life. I have ben wanting to learn how to drive, and go to college to become a forensic scientist. Media has also gotten in the way of my positivity, as when it gets taken away, I become aggressive and suicidal.”

“reSTART is one of the best experiences I have had so far. I have learned so much about myself, and my addiciton. I have been supported, understood, and acknolwedged in my struggles, and I feel more at peace thatn I have been in a while. This experience has helped me get back on track for a better life, adn I am so grateful to everyone who made this experience possible for me. I honestly feel as if I cannot express the gratitude I have into words, but I am increbly greatful for the experience!”

reSTART Alumni, 18

I know I needed to change and that I couldn't do it by myself

“I finally got low enough and experienced enough pain to know I needed to change. I had no money and no life outside of video games.”

“The most important thing I thin I’ve learned here is the ability to recognize what I’m feeling and why I’m feelint it. This has immensely improved my ability to interact with others and work towards building real relationships as I can share what I’m feeling and thinking with others effectively as well as understand and empathize with what they are going through.”

reSTART Alumni, 28

“I've realized how muc

“Video game and excessive Internet use have caused severe damage to my academic, social, and personal life.”

“While at reSTART, I have changed a lot in my mental awareness. Before I came I had very little awareness of my thoughts, feelings, or emotions. I was just on auto pilot and did whatever popped in to my brain at the time. I have also regulated my sleep schedule, improved my diet and gained strength through regular workouts.  I have built positive relationshps with my fellow members in the program and am looking forward to continuing to foster these [relationships].”

reSTART Alumni, 23


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