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Internet Video Game Disorder Treatment

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It’s early afternoon, and instead of grabbing lunch with your friends, you’re just getting up for the day. After all, it was a long evening spent video gaming, streaming and posting on social media. You dread connecting with family, because you’re tired of them telling you to disconnect.  In reality, all you really want to do is get back online.

Distracted, depressed, and maybe slightly anxious, you continue to use. You game. You surf. You post.

There are times you don’t take care of yourself. You rarely take time to exercise, and you don’t really enjoy spending time with others. Nevertheless, even with all these downsides, the pull to use is strong.

Perhaps instead of isolating, or escaping these feelings and the problems you’re experiencing, maybe the very thing you need is some time for you. Time away from tech.

A moment to yourself without all the distractions.

Time to explore your soul.

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Depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and ASD are some of the most common problems people seeking Internet video game addiction treatment experience. For many people seeking our services, they find their mental health symptoms are profoundly impacting their lives. As licensed mental health providers, our counselors understand these conditions, and also how the use of technology, video games, social media and other digital media devices impacts health and wellness.

Addiction Treatment for Adults

Sober Living Screen Free De-tech

A screen free stay at the ranch lays the foundation for lasting change. Animals, friendship, and community support create long-term connections and healthier futures. 

Life Coaching

Siri “where can I find help for hazardous gaming and video game disorder?”

Coaching is all about answering powerful questions, and helping you find the answers related to sustainable use of digital devices, healthy screen-time, virtual reality and social media. More importantly, coaching assists you in charting a course for change.


Therapuetic Residential Care and Boarding School for Teens 13-18

Family focused treatment for troubled teens

When screen dependence and mental health issues overwhelm a teens ability to do well in school, cope with life’s stresses, and interferes with family relationships, residential care provides a screen free healing environment to connect with what matters most-life.

Life-Sharing Retreat for Adults

More than just a place to stay | Get help for video gaming and screen-time problems

For people 18+ looking for video game addiction treatment, and support for Internet gaming disorder and co-occurring mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD and diminished college performance, or employment difficulties. Perhaps a gap year would help.


Pathways House

Life starts here

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Residential Care for Teens

Therapeutic Treatment | Boarding School | Personalized Academics

For youth 13-18 experiencing school problems, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, learning differences, family conflict for people seeking video game addiction treatment, help with Internet gaming disorder, social media addiction, and help with screen-time use

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Serenity Mountain

32-acres of pure awesome

Transformative Experience

“The reSTART program is really extraordinary—it was truly a transformative experience for my son (and also for me, his mom).  Like many other recovery programs, it was challenging—there were many days when it was touch and go. My son was definitely out of his comfort zone, not really sure what he had gotten himself into! (And I have to admit, initially at least, that’s the way I felt also!) But ultimately, reSTART opened a door to self-understanding and personal development, providing my son with a sense of hope that he could be in charge of his life, that it was possible for him to make healthy,  life-affirming choices.  The reSTART experience for my son was exactly what the name of the program indicates . . . the chance to start over and the chance to move in some positive new directions with his life.”

Grateful for reSTART

“Prior to coming here, I was inept in many tasks, household chores, socializing, construction, etc.  Now, as far as I have noticed, I have greatly improved my skills in those areas.  However, two particular tasks that I had enjoyed the most were playing the piano and riding a bicycle.  I had never touched a piano, let alone play it, before reSTART.  With the help of the helpful participants, I learned how to play songs that I never thought I was capable of.  As with biking, the first experience, with the assistance from Gary, was one of the most exhilarating times of my life.

However, what I find most important is not all those abilities that I learned from reSTART, but rather the extremely supportive people who run reSTART.  From all the staff members, to my fellow peers, to the animals; without them, I do not think I would have made it where I am today.”


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