China in the Facebook business?

China Wants to Buy Facebook

Jul. 3 2011 - 5:58 pm

On Thursday, Business Insider reported that China is trying to buy “a huge chunk” of Facebook.

According to the business news website, Beijing approached a fund that buys stock from former Facebook employees to see if it could assemble a stake large enough “to matter.”  Moreover, Citibank is rumored to be trying to acquire as much as $1.2 billion of stock for two sovereign wealth funds, one from the Middle East and the other Chinese.  Business Insider reports a third source, from a “very influential” Silicon Valley investment bank, confirms that Citi is representing China.

Should Beijing be allowed to buy a part of Mark Zuckerberg’s site?

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Addressing Internet and Technology Addiction

Survey respondent | August 28, 2009

Addressing Internet and Technology Addiction

I believe that technological addiction can be every bit as harmful to one's life as other widely recognized vices such as drinking, drugs, gambling, etc. However, it does not seem to me that society as a whole has become fully aware of the severity of this growing problem or of how widespread it has become. It is re-assuring to see this issue being addressed on a serious level by someone. Thank you.


Hardcore Gaming

Posted by @BtmnHatesRbn at

Rehab doesn't work unless the person admits they have a problem

I'm not suggesting forced rehab. I don't think it's even possible, as few (if any) reputable clinics will accept a patient that is dragged in against their will. Most demand that the patient make the decision themselves, since rehab doesn't work unless the person admits they have a problem and want to get better. As for our friend, simply 'cutting him off' won't be enough. Addiction is a nasty beast. He'll just play games he already has, or pirate new ones, or shoplift, or play some free Web games. We can't keep confusing 'hardcore gamer' and 'genuine addict,' because they're not quite the same.

News of the Weird did a semi-local story about a guy who was completely hooked on Internet smut. His wife had completely eliminated computers from their home, and gave him the ultimatum... and he ends up getting busted for 'doing his business' on a PC at a freakin' public library, with 30-40 people in the room. Gotta throw logic out the window when we talk addiction, because it no longer exists. People go nuts.



Posted by Greynar at

Posted Aug 25, 2009 11:48 am PT

Let's put this in perspective. Gaming addiction is real.

If you don't think it is, then no matter what anyone says here you won't believe them and you need to ask yourself a few questions: Would you rather spend time with a friend or mate, or play a game? Have you ever stayed home form work or school to play a game? Do you prefer your online friends to your family and loved ones? Think about it and answer honestly. An honest person recognizes faults within themselves - an addict answers honestly, but justifies the answers.

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