Playing WOW until I pass out

I play WOW until I pass out in the chair

After I get of work I detour to the store pick up food, get home and get on the computer and WoW it up till I pass out in the chair, wake up in the middle of the night, make my way to bed, get up when the alarm goes off, go to work and repeat the cycle all over again. The biggest problem in my life is trying to enough time to play WoW and CoH (City of Heroes), but is that really a life? I don't know anymore


Tech in the Modern Age

I can see tech addiction in the modern age is a problem

However, apart from looking at and breaking the addiction, there is also the need to learn how to live with the tech without letting it control your life. In today’s modern age, where the majority of employment relies on the use of computers and or internet, and more the likely, 18+ year old have a job that involves IT or the internet, when they return from their recovery programme what is to prevent them from becoming addicted again. They will have to learn that it okay to leave the mobile/cell phone and laptop at home and just get away somewhere.In saying that, when I first started using the internet back in 1997, I did spend a lot of time on it. For almost 3 years, people would say that I was spending an obsessive amount of time getting lost in the virtual worlds.

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Marriage is in the toilet due to WOW

Scoff if you will folks. But my son's marriage is in the toilet right now because his wife won't stop playing WoW. She does not clean her house, take care of the kids or do anything, except play the game. She often stays up 36 hrs at a time, she doesn't do personal hygiene when she plays. She uses the 8 and 10 y/o as "go'fers" when they are there. They take care of their 3 y/o brother, food, diapers and all. I've known alcoholics and druggies. This is NO different. The problem is that there is no "residue". No drug paraphenalia or empty bottles to see after the fact. But it's just as real.