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Wilderness Adventures

What is the purpose of Adventure Based Wilderness Therapy?


  • Interrupts the cycle of dependency on technology
  • Encourages change through direct experience
  • Mindfulness based activities encourage contemplative self-appraisal

  Brings Character Strengths and Virtues into focus

  • Draws attention to individual and collective strengths
  • Successively more challenging activities enhances character strengths
  • Increases sense of personal accomplishment and self-efficacy

Enriches social skills and aptitude

  • Builds a sense of connection and community with others
  • Presents opportunities to enhance interpersonal relatedness
  • Develops increased awareness of the need for trust and cooperation

Provides information in the clinical assessment of mental health issues

  • Allows for direct observation of mental health functioning
  • Addresses issues related to impulse control, depression, anxiety, OCD and ADHD and Bi-polar
  • In-vivo practice of newly learned therapeutic skills such as effective communication, mindfulness practice, distress tolerance, and life skills

Founded on Positive Psychological and Evidence Based Research

  • Exercise can be as good as or better than antidepressants for depression (2010, Boston University)
  • Busy people are happier than idle people (Hsee, et. al., University of Chicago, 2010)
  • Happy people spend less time watching media (2009, University of Maryland)
  • Relationships with others is a key ingredient in happiness (2009, Harvard, Grant Study)
  • Connecting with nature boosts energy and happiness (2009, University of Rochester) 


Organizational Affiliations

  • Certified Womens Business Enterprise
  • Leave No Trace
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • Pacific Crest Trail Association
  • Be Out There
  • National Wildlife Federation Certified