Healthy Living

Implementing a balanced lifestyle through healthy living

Our transitional living program provides clients with limited technology access while they work towards achieving personal life goals.

Our transitional program is designed for individuals who are interested in a healthy lifestyle, one free from problematic technology use. Our goal is to provide access to integrative services and resource planning which offers a positive atmosphere for growth and development, and supports the resident's transition upon leaving our retreat center program.

In addition to ongoing daily life skill building, clients spend their days in one of four areas:

  • Community volunteering
  • Academic coursework
  • Employment
  • Work/skill coaching at reSTART

Media access is available, yet controlled as a way to begin the process of balancing technology consumption. Technology access is available off-site at the local library which is within walking distance. Client's are allowed up to 2 hours of technology use a day at the community resource office as they work towards achieving personal goals.


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