reSTART a Sustainable Digital Lifestyle


Specializing in Problematic Internet, Video game, and Technology use

Our professionally trained clinicians understand technology related dependency issues, and the impact problematic use has on life. We work with individuals, couples and families to promote a better understanding of problematic digital technology use; assist users in discovering the underlying issues (e.g., depression, anxiety, ADHD, learning differences, stress, family relationship issues, and addictions) that may be co-occurring with excessive use patterns; and work together to design an individualized plan to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Program Service Offerings

  • Clinically designed program tailored to meet individual needs
  • Psychoeducational groups on Addiction, Sustainable Use, Communication, Life Skills, and Men's Issues
  • Life skills mentoring and coaching
  • Health and fitness exercise program
  • Weekend adventure and recreational activities
  • Mindfulness based stress reduction programs and group-practice
  • Healthy eating and nutrition coaching
  • Addiction recovery support groups, 12-step meetings and spiritual recovery
  • Continuing care services to promote long-term change

We invite you to meet with one of our clinicians for an assessment and development of an individualized treatment plan to help you or someone you care about, learn to manage, and in many cases overcome, a behavioral addiction.

Stay in a safe natural family setting designed to feel like "home"

Participants begin the process of recovery with a stay at Heavensfield Retreat Center. Situated in a serene natural environment in rural Fall City, Washington in the Pacific Northwest. Heavensfield Retreat Center offers a variety of features designed to promote healthy recovery, including:

  • Residential home setting with live in professional staff
  • 5-acres of open park-like grounds with fields and forested trails
  • Expansive private setting which offers ample space for quiet reflection
  • Participate in daily household and outdoor activities
  • Active involvement in a family lifestyle

On-site Stay Program Services

  • Clinically designed activities designed to meet individual needs
  • Life skills coaching and mentoring
  • Mindfulness based stress reduction programs and group-work
  • 12-step meetings and spiritual recovery programs for interested participants
  • Weekend adventure and recreational activities
  • Wilderness awareness activities
  • Health and fitness program
  • Volunteering and community service
  • Nutritional education

Other community services available:

  • Diagnostic Interview to assess problematic digital technology use
  • Psychiatric assessment, medication management and maintenance
  • Medical assessment, evaluation and treatment
  • Orthodontic and dental care coordination
  • Personalized fitness assessment and training
  • Scholastic mentoring and tutoring
  • Career guidance