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Specializing in the treatment of Problematic Internet, Video game, and Technology use

Our professionally trained clinicians understand technology related dependency issues and the impact problematic use has on life. Internet addiction (IAD), video game addiction, and cell phone overuse issues plague roughly 10% of America's population. Today, these addictions are commonly referred to as Internet Use Disorder (IUD). Regardless of the terms used to describe this condition, digital tech use which interferes with the activities of life are distractions at best, and may be an addiction at worst. Our community based program works with individuals, couples and families to promote a better understanding of problematic digital technology use; assist users in discovering the underlying issues (e.g., depression, anxiety, ADHD, ASD, learning differences, stress, family relationship issues) that may be co-occurring with excessive use patterns; and work together to design an individualized plan to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Community Program Service Offerings

  • Clinically designed program tailored to meet individual needs
  • Psychoeducational groups on Addiction, Sustainable Use, Communication, Overall Health and Wellness
  • Life skills mentoring and coaching
  • Health and fitness exercise program
  • Weekend adventure and recreational activities
  • Mindfulness based stress reduction programs and group-practice
  • Healthy eating and nutrition coaching
  • Addiction recovery support groups, 12-step meetings and spiritual recovery
  • Continuing care services to promote long-term change

We invite you to visit with one of our clinicians to develop a plan to help you or someone you care about, learn to manage, and in many cases overcome overuse or technology based behavioral addiction.

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