My son is a happy man

Can you tell by the photos? Restart was a definite success. This was my son's first visit home since August. He has all A's too! A 99 in Greek! He's in a Shakespeare play and riding his new bike and singing and playing violin and learned handbells and plays in the handbell group. A potential client phoned and my son spoke with her over an hour about her son coming to ReStart! My son is a happy man! Thankyou Cosette!

--Received October 24, 2011



What reSTART taught me about my son

What reSTART taught me about my son

My dad asked me just yesterday if I felt that the money for ReSTART was well spent, and I didn't hesitate to say YES!  First and foremost, I think that you all saved his life last April.  He needed round the clock support, and you provided it - for that I'll ALWAYS be thankful.  Next, you gave my son an opportunity to experience life in a different way - and while he didn't always enjoy it, he recognized the positive effects that healthy living had on his life.  These experiences create a basis for seeing CHOICES in how to live - before ReSTART, he didn't see those choices.  Lastly, you gave him a toolbox for living and for dealing with addiction (and/or addictive behavior).  Right now, he is not using all the tools in that tool box.... but he did use SELF-HONESTY and being HONEST WITH AT LEAST ONE OTHER PERSON.  It may not seem like much to anyone else, but it my mind it's the difference between life and death.... overly dramatic, perhaps, but maybe not.  In sum, I feel that before George went to ReSTART, he didn't know what to do to change.  I feel like now he does know what to do to create positive changes in his life.  At this point, all the choices are his to make or not make.

Will my son continue to tread water?  Will he start to sink?  Will he start to swim?  I'm not sure, to be honest, but I am positive that he now knows he HAS choices, and he knows what to do to make choices honestly. Time will tell and we shall see.  I pray for him a lot, but I don't really worry about him too much (Will actually worries a lot more about him then me these days).  I don't know.... I think that's something that ReSTART taught ME.

Please do keep in touch,


Parent of former reSTART client

Received October 4, 2011


Family Testimonials

Highest praise for the reSTART program

We’d like to offer our high praises and endorsement for the reSTART Internet Addiction Recovery program. In the fall of 2010, our son arrived home from a disastrous college experience at a military school. While at college, he received harassment from the upperclassmen on his ability to ‘fit in’ which led to his retreat into a virtual world and one in which he would stay on-line for hours on end playing on-line games.

Our son was diagnosed as suffering from depression and had suicidal and self injury thoughts. We were at a complete loss as to how to address the situation and worked with multiple local counselors, psychologists and educational testers. No one seemed to be able to break though and after an unsuccessful attempt at a local community college, we knew we needed help our local community could not provide. After researching the options, we contacted Cosette and were immediately impressed with her knowledge of the gaming issues and the program that she and Hillarie Cash had started in the metro Seattle area. We enrolled our son in the program and noticed an improvement from one week to another during our weekly calls. The Family Bridge website was (and continues to be) a great source of information for us all. Cosette identified Asperger traits in our son which helped in explaining a lot of the reasons why he had encountered such an insurmountable challenge while away at military school. Our son was very receptive to the diagnosis and now after being back at home, has really come to terms with how Asperger’s affects his life and ways he can compensate in areas where he struggles. He now has a job and is doing well in college classes. Not to mention, a much more positive attitude and renewed self-confidence. He is learning how to live with computer games (used in moderation) thanks to the tips he learned at reSTART on how to enjoy real life again.

We are truly thankful to Cosette, Gary, Hillari, Linden, Ann and the rest of the therapists at reSTART for giving us our son back. I hate to think of what might have happened without their timely intervention and the compassionate care they provided for our son and for us.

Received June 22, 2011

Hi Cosette,

I just wanted to write a quick note and let you know how grateful we are for the program you have and what it sounds like it is doing for my nephew. I just sent him a note and in it I mentioned that I would love to come visit him in Washington this summer.


Received June 9, 2011


ReSTART delivers more your money

ReSTART delivers more for your money

I’ve had to research both drug addiction and eating disorder treatment centers around the country to help two of my kids at different points. Never have I seen such a unique, extensive, personal program for any rehab center as reStart! We paid $40,000 for our daughter for a one month stay which only provided maybe two one-on-one therapy sessions per week and several group sessions per day. She was one of forty patients. We paid $10,000 for our son for a one month treatment facility where he had one individual therapy session per week and daily groups. He was one of forty patients as well.

I only wish reStart Internet Addiction Recovery Program was available for my kids. It far exceeds ANY residential program in what it offers to individual clients and while the cost is high for all centers, restart delivers more for your money. 

--Parent, (Name witheld to protect children in recovery)


Parent Impact Statement

Video gaming has had a huge impact on my family

What started out as a fun activity for my son, has to a large degree taken over his life. He is a bright and creative young man but in the last couple of years has dropped all other interests and activities. He is angry and sad, and has lost initiative as well as dreams for his future. I have tried various strategies for limiting his computer game use to no avail. His desire to play, and to escape whatsoever is painful for him seems to be the main driving force in his life right now. It has meant that he has not graduated with his class, has lost his job, does not have his drivers license and has not participated in lots of what life has to offer in terms of activities outside of the virtual life. I'm hopeful that some time away from technology will remind him of important parts of himself that have been put away. I'm grateful for this program and that my son now has a desire to move beyond gaming and back into his life. --Peggy