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Scholarship Program



The reSTART Internet Addiction Recovery Program (reSTART) is currently accepting applications for 2011 scholarships. reSTART was founded in 2009 to promote recovery from internet, video game, and general technology addictions. Its mission is to launch tech addicted youth and adults into the real world. 


  • Launch Your Life $2,000 reSTART Tuition Scholarship (Must be able to start the program during the month of October 2011)
  • Launch Your Life $1,000 reSTART Tuition Scholarship (2 available)


 All applications must meet the following critera

  • Be between the ages of 18-28.
  • Demonstrate financial need (provide copy of FAFSA to reSTART) (For applicants under the age of 25, parent's resources are evaluated).
  • Applicant’s must be able to provide their own transportation to/from the reSTART program.


  1. Scholarship Application Form
  2. Two letters of recommendation, sent directly to reSTART.
  3. Upload a short (clean) video, animation, or pitch (5 minutes or less) on YouTUBE detailing the following:
    1. your internet, video game or gaming addiction, the reasons for wanting to enter the reSTART recovery program, and how you plan to turn your life around after the program.
  4. An essay indicating
  • Your internet, video game, or gaming overuse; amount of time spent online or playing; how long you've been involved in this activity; what you've given up to continue at this intensity; and your views on what contributed to this problem.
  • Your views on how reSTART might help you "Launch your Life"

 Note:  In writing your essay, please give specific examples to clarify your ideas. Limit:  Two typewritten pages (8 ½ x 11, double-spaced).


All required materials must be received by the last day of each calendar month by the chairwomen listed below.  This year’s recipients will be announced and notified on the reSTART website as scholarships are awarded. reSTART will be accepting applications up through October 31, 2011.

Cosette Dawna Rae, Executive Director

reSTART Scholarship Committee

1001 290th Ave SE

Fall City, WA 98024


Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship Application Form




Name of Applicant: ______________________________________________________


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Telephone No: ________________________  Fax No: __________________________


E-mail Address: ________________________


Date of Birth: __________________________ Birth Place: _______________________




By my signature below, I authorize release of my first name, excerpts from my essay, and video in conjunction with any reSTART scholarships I may receive.



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