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Treatment for Problematic or Addictive

Internet | video game | virtual reality | phone use

The reSTART Family of Services

When to seek professional support

  • Functional Difficulties

    Digital media used most of the day for extended periods of time
    Preoccupation with entertainment, video games and social media
    Depressed mood, anxiety, anger
    Academic and employment problems
    Trouble sleeping, fatigue
    Breakdown in healthy relationships
    Physically de-conditioned, likely overweight, or underweight
    Infrequent social involvement
    Limited face-to-face social interaction
  • Distress | Persistent Difficulties

    Significant difficulty managing digital media use
    Limited non-virtual pursuits
    Significant emotional difficulty
    Multiple academic failures, unemployment
    Sleep deprived
    Breakdown in healthy relationships
    Physical health problems
    Limited social involvement
    Infrequent face-to-face social interaction
    Suicidal thoughts/intent/behavior

Treatment Approach

Understanding The Big Disconnect

Our Treatment Approach

Engage in a digital de-tech period
Address underlying mental health issues like depression, anxiety and ADD
Understand factors leading to increased virtual connection
Develop an individualized plan for how to engage with digital media in a healthy way
Understanding The Big Disconnect

The reSTART Model

Instilling hope, inspiring connection

Increasing connection to what matters most to each individual
Reconnect to the activities of life
Participate in a community of like-minded individuals for support
Improve overall physical, emotional and overall health and well-being
Reduce the risk factors leading to problematic use
The reSTART Model

What does the process look like?

  • Step 1: Seek Treatment

    Show you care enough to seek help for yourself, or someone you love
    Let others know you care
    Thoughtfully consider the impact use is having on your relationship
    Educate yourself on the nature of tech overuse and addiction issues
    Identify where you're headed if you continue on the same course
    Remember, the opposite of addiction is connection
  • Step 2: Rebuild Connection

    Develop healthy bonds with people who care
    Connect with people experiencing similar difficulties
    Improve your relationships with others
    Share your story
    Learn new ways to communicate and express yourself
    Explore opportunities to find community connection
  • Step 3: Identify Change Areas

    Address trauma wounds and isolation issues
    Explore triggers which lead to an increase in digital media and tech use
  • Step 4: Experience Life

    Practice and implement new skills
    Reconnect with the world around you
  • Step 5: Plan your Outcome

    Develop a plan for limiting digital media use
  • Step 6: Maintain Momentum

    Stay connected to those who care
    Embrace a recovery community
    Stay on track with what matters most
    Give back to others
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reSTART a Sustainable Digital Lifestyle


Specializing in the treatment of Problematic Internet, Video game, and Technology use

Our professionally trained clinicians understand technology related dependency issues and the impact problematic use has on life. Internet addiction (IAD), video game addiction, and cell phone overuse issues plague roughly 10% of America's population. Today, these addictions are commonly referred to as Internet Use Disorder (IUD). Regardless of the terms used to describe this condition, digital tech use which interferes with the activities of life are distractions at best, and may be an addiction at worst. Our community based program works with individuals, couples and families to promote a better understanding of problematic digital technology use; assist users in discovering the underlying issues (e.g., depression, anxiety, ADHD, ASD, learning differences, stress, family relationship issues) that may be co-occurring with excessive use patterns; and work together to design an individualized plan to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Community Program Service Offerings

  • Clinically designed program tailored to meet individual needs
  • Psychoeducational groups on Addiction, Sustainable Use, Communication, Overall Health and Wellness
  • Life skills mentoring and coaching
  • Health and fitness exercise program
  • Weekend adventure and recreational activities
  • Mindfulness based stress reduction programs and group-practice
  • Healthy eating and nutrition coaching
  • Addiction recovery support groups, 12-step meetings and spiritual recovery
  • Continuing care services to promote long-term change

We invite you to visit with one of our clinicians to develop a plan to help you or someone you care about, learn to manage, and in many cases overcome overuse or technology based behavioral addiction.


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