reSTARTCenter for Digital Technology Sustainability


Our unique intensive onsite program offers an opportunity to stay in a retreat center designed to promote insight and renewal, disconnect from digital distractions, and engage in coaching and mentoring while building a blueprint for change.


Located in Redmond, Washington, our young adult independent living skills program offers emerging adults an opportunity to put the vision, theories and plans made during our intensive program into practice.


In this program, clients live independently, attend school or work, and use technology in a sustainable healthy way.


Clients meet regularly with a selected provider to monitor and manage the difficulties of living in a tech heavy society.


Spend 5 days with a group of clinicians to build a comprehensive technology sustainability plan to address problematic use in your family.



Cyberbullying Linked to 6-Fold Increase in Depression among Female College Students Female college students who...

In October 2013, Tyheem Henry received 13,680 days (37.5 years) in disciplinary detention and lost 27,360 day (74...

  • Cosette Rae
    Cosette Rae, LICSW
    Co-CEO, Clinical Director
  • Hilarie Cash
    Hilarie Cash, Ph.D, LMHC
    Co-CEO, Clinical Team
  • Gary Simmons
    Gary Simmons, WFR, CF-L1
    Managing Partner
  • Tiffany V.
    Tiffany V.
    Chief Administrative Officer
  • Rachelle Montag
    Rachelle Montag, BA
    Office Manager
    Rachelle Montag
    Rachelle Montag, BA
    Office Manager
  • AnnSteel
    Ann Steel, MD, LMHC
    Intake Specialist
  • Linda Reed
    Linda Reed, LMHC
    Licensed Counselor
  • Ellen Krumm
    Ellen Krumm, LMHCA
    Master's Level Counselor
  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson, BCBA, LMHCA
    Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Taurell Reboulet
    Taurell Reboulet, LMHCA
    Master's Level Counselor
  • Rosanne Sherlock
    Rosanne Sherlock, BA
    Certified Counselor
  • <
    Andrea Lim
    Andrea Lim, MIT, CF-L1
    Education & Fitness Coach
  • Lauren Kanda
    Lauren Kanda, LMHCA
    Master's Level Art Therapist

Organizational Affiliations

  • Certified Womens Business Enterprise
  • Leave No Trace
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • Pacific Crest Trail Association
  • Be Out There
  • National Wildlife Federation Certified